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Pay Links and Buttons

Get paid via pay links, buttons, and QR codes online or in person.
Integrate Checkout seamlessly into your site or guide your customers to a secure,
PayPal-hosted payment page. No coding knowledge required.

Accept payments

Accept one-time payments with PayPal, Pay Later, Venmo, debit and credit cards.

Get started quickly

You can get started quickly with this simple copy-and-paste integration.

Customize your integration

Pick from 3 Checkout options and choose from a list of colors and styles.

With pay links and buttons you can accept PayPal, Venmo, Pay Later and all major credit cards.

How it works

Small businesses that want to accept payments online or in person can set up pay links, buttons, and QR codes to accept payments on the website. You don't need a developer, coding knowledge, or a website to accept payments. If you already have a website, you can copy and paste PayPal buttons.

There are 3 copy-and-paste options to accept payments. All 3 options support payment methods such as PayPal, Venmo, Pay Later, and credit and debit cards.

When a buyer places an order and makes a payment, you'll receive the order details on your PayPal dashboard. You can provide shipping details to complete the order. Payment method availability varies by region.

Steps to build pay links and buttons:


Log in to your PayPal business account. Select the Pay link or button to see a page to build your pay link and button.


Pick your settings. Add required information such as Pricing and Product name.


Optional: Add information such as Shipping fee and Tax rate %.


Select Change the look and feel to modify the look and feel of payment method options from a list of colors and styles. You'll get a preview of how the information you entered will look as a button, payment link, or QR code.


Select Build it. Copy and paste the buttons, pay links, or QR codes wherever you need them.

How PayPal presents button code, pay link, and QR code options

We provide 3 easy-to-use copy-and-paste options you can use to accept payments in a variety of situations, such as selling:

Custom goods and services with custom pricing.

Domestic and international goods and services.

In person, such as at trade shows.

On social media.

Services with invoices.

Button Code

Button code helps you accept payments on your website wherever you paste the code.

Get Started


If you’re a new merchant, you’ll need to sign up for a PayPal business account to get started.


Pay links and buttons are available to merchants with a PayPal business account in these supported countries.

The Page is available in the following languages: