Data Migration



You must migrate your data from Braintree with no more than two exports: one to export the bulk of your customers, and another to export any new customers created while your processing was switched over. We will not run any periodic exports for backup or failover ‚ÄĒ you will need to handle this on your side.

If you need to move your data to another payment gateway, you'll first need to provide us with an attestation of their PCI compliance from a qualified provider. Once we have that, we'll request a public encryption key from the receiving service provider.

We'll then use the public key to encrypt the sensitive data and transmit it via SFTP, SCP, or FTP over SSL.

It is the responsibility of the receiving service provider to protect their private key file in accordance with the PCI DSS. We will verify the authenticity of the public key before using it for encryption.

Export typesanchor

We can export your data in one of two ways:

  • Entire Vault: We'll pull all customers and credit cards saved in your vault
  • Customer ID: You'll provide us with a list of customer IDs to export

Export formatanchor


No modifications to this format can be made.

The export of your Vault records will be a GPG-­encrypted CSV file with a filename format like this:


Each card will be on its own row, along with the corresponding customer and address. If a customer does not have any cards, the row will only contain customer information and empty fields for the card and address.

File headersanchor

Depending on the customer information you choose to collect, some columns may be left blank. Download an example CSV with the headers you'll see in the export.

Here is a list of the headers that are included in your export:

Field Description Example
id Braintree's identifier for the customer 123
first_name The customer's first name Jane
last_name The customer's last name Doe
company The customer's company Jane's Dough
email The customer's email address
phone The customer's phone number; may contain dashes and/or an extension 312-555-1234
fax The customer's fax number; may contain dashes and/or an extension 312­-555-­9876
website The customer's website
credit_card.token Braintree's credit card identifier ab12d4
credit_card.cardholder_name The cardholder name associated with the credit card Jane Doe
credit_card.number The credit card number 4111111111111111
credit_card.expiration_month The credit card's expiration month (MM) 01
credit_card.expiration_year The credit card's expiration year (YYYY) 2020
credit_card.billing_address.first_name The first name associated with the credit card's billing address Jane
credit_card.billing_address.last_name The last name associated with the credit card's billing address Doe The company associated with the credit card's billing address Jane's Dough
credit_card.billing_address.street_address The credit card's street address 123 Fake St
credit_card.billing_address.extended_address The credit card's extended address (also known as address 2) Unit A
credit_card.billing_address.locality The credit card's locality (city) Chicago
credit_card.billing_address.region The credit card's region (state) IL
credit_card.billing_address.postal_code The credit card's postal code 60601
credit_card.billing_address.country_name The credit card's country name United States of America
credit_card.billing_address.country_code_numeric The credit card's ISO 3166­-1 numeric country code 840
credit_card.billing_address.country_code_alpha2 The credit card's 2-letter ISO 3166-­1 alpha­-2 country code US
credit_card.billing_address.country_code_alpha3 The credit card's 3-letter ISO 3166­-1 alpha-­3 country code USA
credit_card.options.make_default The credit card's default status; if a customer only has one credit card, this field will be "yes" yes
credit_card.network_transaction_identifier.identifier Network Transaction Identifier(NTI) is a key component for MIT exemptions on PSD2 and Australian SCA requirements. The NTI allows issuers to look up the earlier initial transaction when processing a payment using a vaulted payment method. The issuer can then evaluate subsequent payments by referencing the initial transaction. Note: If the card brand does not support NTI, Braintree will return an empty value. MEF6E6H5D0822
credit_card.network_transaction_identifier.status For MITs covered by cardholder agreements that were established prior to the regulatory enforcement date, those transactions should be able to continue to be processed without SCA as long as they are identified as MITs. grandfathered
custom_fields.api_name All custom fields associated with the customer in your Braintree Vault custom value