There are a number of reporting options in the Control Panel. What’s available to you will depend on your account setup and your business’s location. If you see a report in the Control Panel that isn’t listed below, contact us for additional information.

Decline analysisanchor

  • Uses Advanced Search results to analyze decline rates
  • Allows you to sort declines by processor responses or bank identification numbers (BINs)

Expiring cardsanchor

  • Details all expiring and expired cards in your vault within a specified time range

Settlement Batch Summaryanchor

  • Lists transactions processed in a settlement batch, categorized by payment method
  • Can be automatically emailed to Control Panel users

Transaction-Level Fee reportanchor

  • Available for US merchants only
  • Provides a transaction-level breakdown of assessed fees
  • Available for merchants on IC+ and blended or flat rate pricing models

Transaction Summaryanchor

  • Shows transactions currently categorized as successful or unsuccessful within a given date range
  • Helpful for identifying processing trends


  • Available only for Braintree Direct merchants domiciled in the US
  • Required for tax purposes and provided to applicable merchants


  • Availability differs depending on your account setup and the country your company is located in
  • Often contain specific details on pricing, fees, processing, and disbursement
  • May help with reconciliation

Contact us for more details on your available statements.