Expiring and Expired Cardsanchor

The Expiring Cards report lists all cards that have expired or will expire in a given time frame. This can be especially helpful if you use recurring billing. For example, you can pull a list of all credit cards that will expire within the next month and send out email reminders to your customers to update their information.

Running an Expiring Cards reportanchor

To run a report on cards that have expired or soon will expire:

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Click on Reports in the navigation bar
  3. Scroll to the Vault section
  4. Next to Expiring Cards, click the Run Report button
  5. Choose a custom date range and click the Filter button, or click the View All Expired link for a comprehensive list

Reducing expired cardsanchor

Depending on your account setup, there may be additional options available that can help reduce the number of expired cards in your Vault. For example, most Braintree Direct merchants that are domiciled in the US or transact primarily with US customers can enable Account Updater to automatically request updates for vaulted payment methods. Contact us for more information.