We offer a variety of products that make it easy for you to accept payments in your app or website. Think of us as the credit card terminal you swipe your card through at the grocery store. We make sure your customers’ payment information is transported safely and securely.

What you will needanchor

Business bank accountanchor

We’ll deposit your funds into this account automatically – it’s up to you to decide which institution you use for your business’s bank account.

Merchant accountanchor

A merchant account is not a bank account – it's what we use to route funds from your customers’ accounts to your business bank account. We provide a merchant account as a part of the Braintree Direct setup. A merchant account is similar to a line of credit, which is why we have you go through an application process when you sign up.

If you already have your own merchant account, it’s possible to continue using it with our gateway. Keep in mind that if you use another merchant account provider, they will have fees associated with their services on top of our processing fees. If you are interested in a gateway-only integration, contact our Sales team for more details.

Payment gatewayanchor

Braintree’s payment gateway will connect you to all of the banking institutions and payment processors that you need in order to collect money from your customers. You’ll give the payment information to Braintree, and we’ll let you know if the transaction was approved by the bank.

Developer knowledgeanchor

Integrating with a payment gateway is a developer’s job. We are renowned for having one of the easiest integrations your developers will ever complete – offering 3 client SDKs (software development kits) for both mobile and web platforms as well as server-side libraries in 6 common languages. While integration times can vary depending on your business, an experienced developer can complete a basic integration with Braintree in less than half an hour.

How we can helpanchor

We offer a few different products – each designed to meet your business model's needs while easing the burden of PCI compliance.

Braintree Directanchor

Braintree Direct is our end-to-end payment solution for selling to customers on your website and mobile app. When you integrate with Braintree Direct, we will act as both your merchant account provider and payment gateway.

Braintree Direct is available in all of our supported countries.

Braintree Extendanchor

Braintree Extend enables secure sharing of payment data between partners to help create world-class commerce experiences.

Braintree Extend is available in all of our supported countries.

Braintree Authanchor

Braintree Auth enables ecommerce platforms and merchant service providers to connect with their users' Braintree merchant accounts and take authorized actions on their behalf.

Braintree Auth is currently available for US merchants only.

How to connectanchor

You’ll interact with us in two ways:

  1. The Control Panel
  2. The Application Programming Interface (API)

The Control Panelanchor

The Control Panel is our user-friendly interface focused on the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly – allowing you to manually set up recurring billing, manage transactions, pull reports, enable different payment methods, and more. Learn more about the Control Panel.

The APIanchor

The API is the architecture of our gateway – our complete set of code that powers everything we do, from payments to customer management to reporting.

To integrate with Braintree, your developers will update the existing code for your website or mobile app to make requests to our API, allowing you to automate processes and customize the way you interact with the gateway. Our developer docs will guide your developers through everything they'll need for a complete integration.

Other ways to integrateanchor

Integrating with Braintree requires extensive technical knowledge or a team of developers, but if you don’t have either, don’t worry! We also partner with many shopping cart and ecommerce applications that can help you get going without a developer, and more are being added all the time.

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