Risk Factors

Mitigating Riskanchor

Payment processing comes with a certain amount of inherent risk, but there are actions you can take to mitigate it. We also have a team dedicated to helping you identify risk and assisting you in stopping unauthorized activity where you can. It's important to us that you are able to protect your business and your customers at the same time.


Data security is incredibly important to us. If you believe the security of your Braintree integration may have been compromised, contact us and we'll assist you from there.

What you can doanchor

There are a number of ways you can lower risk – here are a few recommendations.

Keep us informedanchor

When you first onboard with us, we underwrite your account to process an expected transaction volume. Should you process an unusually high transaction amount or experience a dramatic increase in your volume, we may put a hold on your account until we complete our review. In the event of such an account hold, we'll always notify you; we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible throughout this review process.

We try to avoid the need for action on accounts by requesting that you fully explain your business model, billing practices, and expected volume during the application process. Most importantly, we ask that you let us know if you are expecting any significant changes (e.g. a sudden spike in transaction volume). This will ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected interruptions in processing.

Use our fraud toolsanchor

We offer Basic and Premium Fraud Management Tools that help protect you against fraudulent charges and carding attacks. Our Basic Fraud Tools allow you to configure AVS, CVV, and risk threshold rules to identify and prevent fraud. Our Premium Fraud Management Tools use anti-fraud technology to catch fraudulent activity.

Prevent and dispute chargebacksanchor

Unfortunately, chargebacks are a normal part of running a business, especially if you accept payments online. It’s important for these businesses to take additional measures to prevent chargebacks and collect the proper information to successfully dispute them. Read more about chargebacks and how to prevent them.

Use a CAPTCHA on your siteanchor

A CAPTCHA is a program designed to tell the difference between human and machine input. Having a CAPTCHA on your site can help prevent carding attacks, keeping your site safe and secure.

What we doanchor

In addition to helping you identify risk factors, our team of analysts also identifies potential risks to us, as your payments provider. If we notice any strange activity on your account, we'll reach out to you as soon as action is needed and work with you to resolve a review.