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In order to create a secure and healthy payments landscape that benefits both cardholders and merchants, many card brands have specific requirements surrounding payment processing. These network compliance requirements are always changing and can range from minor updates that will not affect our merchants, to major changes that could impact your processing directly. We are committed to helping you navigate these updates, and will keep you informed as to whether the changes only require action by us or if you will need to update your integration.

What we doanchor

To ensure we're up to date on network compliance standards, we regularly review documentation from card brands and our processing partners. Depending on the impact of upcoming changes to these requirements, we'll do any of the following:

  • Publish blog posts about the different compliance initiatives and their impact on Braintree and merchant's integrations
  • Make updates to our services to ensure we're compliant with any new regulations
  • Send proactive communication to you and any other impacted merchants
  • Update our public documentation to reflect any changes to our API or transaction handling

We are devoted to handling network compliance-related changes in ways that reduce your impact as much as possible.

How to stay informedanchor

We publish information relevant to new compliance regulations in the following resources:

To ensure you stay up to date with new requirements, we recommend you review the Braintree blog and subscribe to receive notifications when we post on new compliance topics.

In addition to those resources, we always update our public documentation to reflect any integration changes, and will email you and any other merchants in the event that there are significant impacts due to an upcoming change.

How to remain compliantanchor

Many requirements only impact our internal processing, and your integration will not be affected, though you may be required to periodically update your integration to remain compliant. We'll list update requirements in our compliance blog posts or proactive emails and link to relevant developer docs, which will outline technical details for your development team.

If you have questions about updates you hear about, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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