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The card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc.) introduce and make changes to their rules and mandates throughout the year. Many of these changes come twice per year—spring and fall.

The network updates typically include fee introductions or fee changes, new mandates, new features, or updates to existing features. The changes can be broad in nature and may include updates such as mandates to comply with new regulations; implementing new fees; or requiring merchants to use schemes like 3DS 2.0 to help reduce fraud.

While many of the updates require no action for merchants, some do require integration changes or force adoption of services. Additionally, some of the updates carry new or changed fees.

PayPal Braintree teams have worked to identify the key updates for Fall 2023, and we have provided information about these updates below. We have called out the type of update (fee change, mandate, new feature/update), which network the update comes from, and the relevant market(s).

The information contained in this document is accurate as of 22 August 2023, and is provided for informational purposes, is subject to change, and may not apply to all merchants or transactions.

KEY FALL 2023 NETWORK RELEASES AT A GLANCE (click below to jump to specific update)

Visa Secure Credential Framework (SCF) Fee Change Visa *See region detail
Digital Commerce Services Fee Fee Change Visa US
Visa Account Updater Suite Pricing Fee Change Visa *See region detail
US Interchange Rates and Programs Fee Change Visa US
Revisions to interregional interchange structure and rates Fee Change Visa GLOBAL
Visa Account Verification Fee Structure APAC revisions Fee Change Visa *See region detail
New Visa Processing Integrity Fees Fee Change Visa *See region detail
Visa Pricing for Sales and ATM Manual Cash Transactions revisions FEE CHANGE Visa *See region detail
Mastercard Preauthorization Fee FEE CHANGE Mastercard US
Revised Excessive Authorization Transaction Processing Excellence Program FEE CHANGE Mastercard US
Authorization Optimizer for CNP transactions FEE CHANGE Mastercard US, CA, EU
Authorization Optimizer for CNP transactions (APAC) FEE CHANGE Mastercard APAC
Mastercard Merchant Advice Codes FEE CHANGE Mastercard Global