Level 2 and 3 Processing


Level 2 and 3 processing can help you qualify for lower interchange rates on transactions made with certain Visa and Mastercard corporate and purchasing cards.

In order to qualify for Level 2, you need to pass specific data in credit card transactions. To qualify for Level 3, you need to pass specific line item data and additional information when creating sale transactions. Braintree passes these details to the card networks, which report them to the business cardholders to help them monitor spending.

This guide explains how to pass the required fields to qualify for Level 2 and 3 processing. For a complete list of the required fields for each level, see the Required Fields page.

Merchant requirementsanchor

Level 2 and 3 processing is available for US merchants with a Tax ID associated with your Braintree account. Contact us to confirm that your merchant account has your Tax ID.

For more details on availability and appropriate business use cases, refer to your bank-specific support articles or contact us.

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