Tokenization Errorsanchor


Use of the production Forward API is subject to eligibility.

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Tokenization errors are returned in the response body. The body is a JSON structure with a format resembling this example:

  1. json
    "error": "Invalid amount",
    "message": {
        "max_amount": "0.00"
    "request-uuid": "a-unique-identifier-for-the-request"
ErrorExplanationMessageHTTP Status Code
Cannot tokenize payment instrumentThe payment instrument type does not support tokenization.payment_instrument_type: the type of payment instrument400
Card declined by issuerCard verification failed.None422
Card is expiredExpired cards are unsupported.None422
Denied due to riskDenied due to fraudulent behavior. Note: To prevent information disclosure, this reason should never be displayed to the customer.None422
Invalid amountThe specified max_amount was unsupported or invalid.max_amount: The invalid value passed for the maximum amount422
Invalid expire_atThe specified expire_at was in the past or invalid.expire_at: The invalid value passed for the datetime after which the tokenized PAN should be considered invalid422
PayPal billing agreement cancelledThe customer requested a cancellation of all future transactions on their PayPal account. Reach out to the customer for more information or an alternative payment method.None422
PayPal payer restrictionThe customer's PayPal account can't be used for transactions at this time. The customer will need to contact PayPal for more information or use an alternative payment method.None422
The provided payment instrument does not currently support tokenization with a cryptogramCurrently, only Visa cards are eligible for cryptograms.None422
Unsupported issuerThe issuer is based in an unsupported country, or does not support tokenization.issuer_country: The ISO Alpha-2 country code of the issuer422
Tokenization failedAn unhandled exception occurred.None500

Test credit card numbers and noncesanchor

The following credit card numbers can be used to trigger specific unsuccessful tokenization responses in the sandbox environment.

ErrorTest ValueCard TypeCorresponding Test Nonces
Card declined by issuer4000111111111115Visafake-processor-declined-visa-nonce
378734493671000American Expressfake-processor-declined-amex-nonce
Denied due to risk4000111111111511Visafake-gateway-rejected-fraud-nonce
Unsupported issuer3530111333300000JCBfake-valid-jcb-nonce

Negative testing with PayPal tokenizationanchor

Triggering a mock PayPal rejection currently leverages max_amount for parity with transaction processing.

ErrorTest Value
PayPal billing agreement cancelled2070.00
PayPal payer restriction2075.00