Validation Errorsanchor


Use of the production Forward API is subject to eligibility.

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Validation errors are returned in the response body to your application. The body is a JSON structure with a format resembling this example:

  1. json
    "error": "Unknown HTTP Method",
    "message": {
        "validation_error?": true,
        "method": "An-Erroneously-Misnamed-HTTP-Method"
    "request-uuid": "a-unique-identifier-for-the-request"

All validation errors include "validation_error?": true as part of the message, so it isn't listed below

ErrorExplanationAdditional message fields
Config 'methods' must be an arrayThe methods parameter is required to be an array of supported HTTP methods. 
Config must specify a valid URL regexThe URL specified in the configuration is not a valid regular expression. 
Inline client certificates are not allowed in productionThe client_cert parameter is sandbox-only. 
Inline configurations are not allowed in productionThe config parameter isn't allowed in production. All configs must be submitted and approved. 
Invalid client certificateThe client_cert parameter is not a valid X.509 certificate. 
Invalid client keyThe client_key parameter is not a valid PEM-encoded PKCS 8 private key. 
Invalid conditional predicatesOne or more of the conditional transformations has an invalid if_defined condition.predicates: The invalid conditions.
Invalid HTTP headers, multiple values were provided for the same keyProviding multiple values for a HTTP header should instead use a single key with a comma-separated list of values and HTTP header names are case-insensitive, per RFC 2616 4.2.headers: The full set of headers.
Invalid HTTP headers, must provide mapThe header parameter must be a JSON object. 
Invalid HTTP headers, headers cannot contain newlines or carriage returnsKeys and values in header object cannot contain newlines or carriage returns 
Invalid request_formatThe supported request_formats are "json", "urlencode", and "xml"request_format: The invalid request_formats.
JSON Schema validation errorThe request did not pass our JSON Schema validations. See the schema here.detail: A description of the error. pointer: A JSON Pointer to the errant data.
Missing required client cert parameter. client_cert and client_key are required.It is necessary to specify both of the client_cert and client_key parameters for TLS mutual auth. 
No config specifiedRequest JSON lacks either a config parameter (in Sandbox) or a config name parameter. 
No config specified for payment typeThe config does not include the specified payment method type.vault_type: Type of payment method supported_by_config: Types supported by the config.
No url specifiedNeither the url parameter nor the urls parameter are included. 
No valid request_format specifiedThe request_format parameter isn't included. 
Request URL does not match config URL regexThe URL or URLs parameter provided does not match the validating regex set in the config. 
Request format must be JSONThe request isn't syntactically valid JSON. 
Request method not allowed by configThe HTTP method parameter isn't included in the config's methods array. 
Request must be a JSON dictionaryThe request was not a valid JSON object. 
Unknown HTTP MethodThe HTTP method parameter is not one of GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, or PATCH.method: The submitted HTTP method.
Unknown hostDNS lookup failed for the URL.url: the URL of the attempted destination.
URL is invalid or resolves to private IPRequests to a private network are unsupported.url: The URL of the attempted destination.
URL is malformedThe url parameter was not a valid URL.url: The URL of the attempted destination.
URL protocol must be http or httpsThe url parameter's protocol must either be HTTP or HTTPS.url: The URL of the attempted destination.
debug_transformations is not allowed in productionThe debug_transformations parameter isn't allowed in production since it might otherwise return PCI sensitive data. 
merchant_id is requiredThe merchant_id parameter isn't included in the request. 
override must be an object literal if providedThe override parameter must be a JSON object. 
payment_method_nonce or payment_method_token(s) is requiredAt least one of the payment_method_nonce, payment_method_token, and payment_method_tokens parameters must be included in the request. 
request_format does not match overrideThe override parameter could not be parsed in accordance with the request_format.content: the text that caused a parsing error. request_format: the format unsuccessfully attempted for decoding of the content.
request override contained invalid keysThe override parameter contained top-level keys other than body, header, and urlparam.