Server Errorsanchor


Use of the production Forward API is subject to eligibility.

Contact your Account Manager for more information or submit an inquiry to our Business Development team.

Server errors are returned when the Forward API is unable to complete the request. The body is a JSON structure with a format resembling the following example:

  1. json
    "error": "Connect timeout",
    "message": {
        "server_error?": true,
        "connect_timeout": 10000
    "request-uuid": "a-unique-identifier-for-the-request"
ErrorExplanationAdditional message fieldsHTTP Status Code
Connect timeoutTime establishing a TCP connection to the destination exceeded the configured thresholdconnect_timeout504
Request timeoutElapsed time processing request exceeded the configured thresholdrequest_timeout504
Socket timeoutTime between packets exceeded the configured thresholdsocket_timeout504
TLS errorThe TLS handshake with the destination API failed 502
OAuth errorFailed to obtain an OAuth token from Capital One's OAuth endpoint. 502

If the destination returns a 5xx error, the Forward API response will have a status code of 200, but the response body will show the destination's response error in the status field.