Merchant Responses

Merchant Advice Codesanchor

Merchant Advice Codes (MACs) are introduced by Mastercard to clearly communicate to merchants the reason for declining transactions, and the course of action that merchants can take. If present, the MAC contains information about why the payment failed, whether it can be retried and in some cases, the recommended duration after which it should be retried.

In the transaction response merchant_advice_code and its corresponding description merchant_advice_code_text will be returned.

Following are the merchant advice codes and the corresponding text for these codes:

Merchant Advice CodeMerchant Advice Code Text
01New account information available
02Cannot approve at this time, try again later
03Do not try again
04Token not supported
21Stop recurring payment
24Retry after 1 hour
25Retry after 24 hours
26Retry after 2 days
27Retry after 4 days
28Retry after 6 days
29Retry after 8 days
30Retry after 10 days
40Consumer non-reloadable prepaid card
41Consumer single-use virtual card number