Vault Errorsanchor


Use of the production Forward API is subject to eligibility.

Contact your Account Manager for more information or submit an inquiry to our Business Development team.

Vault errors are returned in the response body to your application. The body is a JSON structure with a format resembling this example:

  1. json
    "error": "Vault error",
    "message": {
        "vault_error?": true,
        "vault_status": 404,
        "message": "payment_method_token not found"
    "request-uuid": "a-unique-identifier-for-the-request"

The message may include additional context from the Braintree Vault.

Vault StatusExplanationAdditional message content
401The provided API credentials are invalid or are sent from an IP violating the IP allowlist.None
403The provided API credentials lack the Forward API right. Contact us to confirm the user's API credentials have been allowlisted.None
404The provided merchant_id is invalid.None
404The provided payment_method_nonce is invalid.payment_method_nonce not found
404The provided payment_method_token is invalid.payment_method_token not found
422The provided payment method does not have sufficient data, likely because it is malformed.No payment data
422The provided payment method cannot be used with the Forward API.The provided payment method cannot be exported
422Errors occurred with one or more payment methods or cse_data bindings. Inspect the object to see specific details.message is a JSON object
422The provided payment_method_nonce must be retrieved via the Vault flow when you forward a PayPal account.Pre-Approved Payment enabled PayPal account required for exporting.