Network Tokenization Fieldsanchor

Braintree supports credit card processing with network tokens. A transaction will be qualified to be processed with a network token if the vaulted credit card has been tokenized. This capability is currently supported for Visa and Mastercard vaulted credit cards.


To ensure that your merchant account is eligible for network tokenization, contact our Customer Success team.

Server-Side Response Objectsanchor

Below response fields will be true if a CreditCard has been tokenized and a Transaction has been processed with a network token.

Credit Card
Field Type Explanation
is_network_tokenized?boolean Indicates whether this card has been network tokenized. A network tokenized card is an alternative payment credential type with a token account number (TPAN) that is used in place of the underlying source card.
Field Type Explanation
processed_with_network_token?boolean Indicates whether this transaction has been processed with a network token.
network_tokenmap If payment_instrument_type is network_token, the details of the token used for the transaction are in key value pair.