Payouts webhook event names

DocsCurrentLast updated: October 6th 2021, @ 7:03:26 pm

Note: The PAYOUTSBATCH webhooks do not contain item-related information.

To get item-related information, use the HATEOAS links from the webhooks response.

Event Trigger Related method
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.DENIED A batch payout payment is denied. Show payout details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.PROCESSING The state of a batch payout payment changes to processing. Show payout details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTSBATCH.SUCCESS A batch payout payment completes successfully. Show payout details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.BLOCKED A payouts item is blocked. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.CANCELED A payouts item is canceled. Cancel unclaimed payout item
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.DENIED A payouts item is denied. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.FAILED A payouts item fails. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.HELD A payouts item is held. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.REFUNDED A payouts item is refunded. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.RETURNED A payouts item is returned. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.SUCCEEDED A payouts item succeeds. Show payout item details
PAYMENT.PAYOUTS-ITEM.UNCLAIMED A payouts item is unclaimed. Show payout item details