Error codes

DocsCurrentLast updated: April 6th 2022, @ 4:06:12 pm

The following error codes can be returned in the cancel URL the merchant receives. The format for the error codes returned in the cancel URL is:

Note: The query parameters in the cancel URL are not case sensitive.

Error codeDescription
order_not_confirmedThe order hasn't been validated. You might see this error when the order status is not in the PAYER_ACTION_REQUIRED state or when a payment method hasn't been attached to the order.

Call Confirm payment method.
system_config_errorAn authentication failure has occurred or the request is invalid.
invalid_payment_methodAn unexpected payment method is attached to the order. This can happen when the wrong order ID is attached to a payment method.

Confirm the order ID is correct.
payee_not_enabled_for_payment_methodYou aren't authorized to accept this payment method.
payment_method_change_not_allowedRelated to idempotency check.

Make sure the following aren't missing or incorrect: the PayPal-Request-Id, the payment ID, and the payment payload.
processing_errorRelated to idempotency check.

The PayPal-Request-Id and payload match an order, but the order is no longer in the PENDING state.
min_amount_required_by_payment_methodThe transaction amount doesn't meet the minimum transaction requirement of the payment method.
payment_method_errorThe transaction initiation was declined by the payment method.
declined_by_payment_methodThe transaction initiation was declined by the payment method.
currency_not_supported_by_payment_methodThe currency specified isn't supported by the payment method.
country_not_supported_by_payment_methodThe country specified isn't supported by the payment method.
invalid_expiry_dateExpiry date should be a date in future and within the threshold for the payment source.
unsupported_processing_instructionThe specified processing_instruction is not supported for the given payment_source. Please refer to processing_instruction for the list of payment_source that can be specified with this value.
order_complete_on_payment_approvalA processing_instruction of ORDER_COMPLETE_ON_PAYMENT_APPROVAL is required for the specified payment_source.
order_completion_in_progressThe order was created with processing_instruction of ORDER_COMPLETE_ON_PAYMENT_APPROVAL. The customer has approved the payment and PayPal is still in the process of capturing the order on your behalf as instructed. Please try your request again.
internal_server_errorThis error includes: encryption/description, database connection issues, timeouts, and unknown errors.
payment_errorAll other errors.