Pay Later Upgrade Options


Last updated: Mar 14th, 6:13pm

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If you have an existing PayPal integration and want to add Pay Later messages, choose from the options below.

You can use the PayPal JavaScript SDK messages component with other components of the SDK to integrate with many PayPal features and services simultaneously. You can also use PayPal JS SDK messages independently on pages that need only messaging.

The PayPal JS SDK is also compatible with older versions of PayPal checkout integrations, such as checkout.js, the immediate predecessor to the PayPal JavaScript SDK. To use the SDK on the same page as checkout.js, you must include the data-namespace attribute on the <script /> tag.

Use on pages with no other PayPal integrations

Set the value of the components parameter to messages in the script src attribute for the SDK.


    1<script src=""></script>

    Legacy PayPal checkout.js

    You can update your checkout integration to use the PayPal JavaScript SDK. However, if you can't update but still want to use messaging features, keep your checkout.js script and add a new script to the PayPal JavaScript SDK with the data-namespace attribute set to paypal2.


      1<script src=""></script>
      2<script data-namespace="paypal2" src=""></script>

      Legacy PayPal REST API or static button

      You can include the PayPal JavaScript SDK with just the messages component.


        1<script src=""></script>