Checkout Experience

Note: This is version 1 of the PayPal Commerce Platform (for integrations before February 2019).

New customers should integrate version 2. For more information, contact your PayPal account manager.

Create a Checkout button to set up and execute a payment inside your checkout flow. This gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience that keeps them local to your website or mobile app throughout the payment process. You will use the checkout.js JavaScript code to enable the payment button. This code always keeps you current with the latest button styles and payment features.

Tip: Try the Payment Processing demos. At the end of the demos, you can view the API History to see request calls and responses.

How it works

The following diagram shows you how a payment button that uses the server integration method works with the PayPal REST API to set up and execute payments.

How the PayPal Checkout integration works
  1. Copy and add the PayPal Checkout button code to your site.
  2. A buyer clicks the button.
  3. The button calls the PayPal Orders API to set up the payment and get a payment ID.
  4. The button launches the PayPal Checkout flow.
  5. Your buyer clicks the Pay Now button in the Checkout flow.
  6. The Pay Now button calls the PayPal Orders API to capture the payment.
  7. You show a receipt page to your buyer.

Important: Currently, the PayPal Commerce Platform supports the use of a PayPal button only. Venmo and PayPal Credit options are not available.


Create a Checkout Button.