Customize Subscriptions

DocsCurrentLast updated: October 6th 2021, @ 7:10:14 pm

Review these subscription capabilities to learn how to model your subscription and complete additional subscriptions tasks.

Capabilities What you get
Pricing plans Set up a fixed price or quantity-based (user or seat) plan. You can also configure enhanced pricing models by setting up volume based and tiered-based plans.
Billing cycles Set the frequency that the user is charged. Choose the frequency of the billing cycle and if the billing continues for a fixed time period or until the user cancels the subscription.
Pause or resume a subscription Pause or soft-cancel a customer’s subscription, and easily resume or reactivate it at any time.
Upgrade or downgrade a subscription Give your customers the flexibility to change their subscription plan.
Change subscription quantity Give your customers the flexibility to change the number of units for seat-based or quantity-based subscriptions.
Start a subscription on a future date Allow customers to start their subscription on a future date.
Offer a trial period Offer a trial period to let subscribers try your product at a free or discounted price before regular billing cycles start.
Charge a setup fee Charge the subscriber a one-time setup fee before the subscription begins, typically for items that aren't part of the regular subscription billing like setup or onboarding.
Payment failures and recovering balances PayPal attempts to capture failed payments automatically, and you can also set failure thresholds that suspend unpaid subscriptions.
Customize pricing and billing Cater to dynamic customer needs by customizing subscriptions.
Multiple subscription buttons Offer more than one type of subscription on a single page of your website.
Update plan pricing Modify subscription pricing for all subscribers at once.
Sell on social media Accept subscriptions on social media platforms.