Online Reports

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Log in to your PayPal account and view the following online reports. You can also access your tax documents from this page.


  • Monthly
  • Custom

Activity download

Customize your account activity report.

Financial summaries

  • Monthly financial summary
  • Monthly sales
  • Annual financial summary

Disputes and chargebacks

View open and/or closed cases.


  • Settlement
  • Transactions detail
  • Transaction finder
  • Download history

User audit

Track money movement and funding instrument activities completed on the PayPal website by specific users associated with your PayPal account.

User Audit Report Specification

Advanced Reports

We have more reports that can be added to a PayPal account at no additional cost.

Note: To access these reports, contact us.

  • Order Fulfillment The Transaction Detail Report provides information on pending and completed orders, including details on shipping status and PayPal Seller Protection availability.
  • Money Management The Settlement Report helps you reconcile accounts by providing details on all transactions that affect your PayPal balance.
  • Customer Agreement Details
    • The Recurring Payments Profile Report helps you keep track of your recurring payments and customer profiles
    • The Billing Agreement Report provides details on pre-approved payments and customer billing agreements
    • The Subscription Agreement Report provides subscriber details for your subscription-based services