Online Reports

Log in to your PayPal account and view the following online reports. You can also access your tax documents from this page.


  • Monthly
  • Custom

Activity download

Customize your account activity report.

Financial summaries

  • Monthly financial summary
  • Monthly sales
  • Annual financial summary

Disputes and chargebacks

View open and/or closed cases.


  • Settlement
  • Transactions detail
  • Transaction finder
  • Download history

Advanced Reports

We have more reports that can be added to a PayPal account at no additional cost.

  • Order Fulfillment

    The Transaction Detail Report provides information on pending and completed orders, including details on shipping status and PayPal Seller Protection availability.

  • Money Management

    The Settlement Report helps you reconcile accounts by providing details on all transactions that affect your PayPal balance.

  • Customer Agreement Details

    • The Recurring Payments Profile Report helps you keep track of your recurring payments and customer profiles
    • The Billing Agreement Report provides details on pre-approved payments and customer billing agreements
    • The Subscription Agreement Report provides subscriber details for your subscription-based services

If you're interested in any of these reports, please contact us.