Data Migration


Your data belongs to you. That's why we support credit card data portability – we'll import your sensitive customer data into your new Braintree gateway, as well as export it if you ever need to leave.


We do not charge any fees for data migrations.

Time frameanchor

Once we receive the information we need, data migrations typically take 5-10 business days.

Data migration restrictionsanchor

While we are able to import and export both customer and credit card records, we cannot migrate subscription or transaction information. If importing, this means that you'll have to recreate your plans in the Control Panel and create your subscriptions once the migration is complete. If exporting, you can download a report of your plans and subscriptions, or retrieve them with the API.

When a customer stores an ACH payment method with a payment processor, the customer enters an explicit agreement to be charged only by that processor. Because of this, we require merchants to agree to additional legal terms.

  • Merchant shall agree to the Data Protection Agreement as outlined in this addendum
  • Merchant shall (i) notify Customers in their privacy policy that PayPal is an independent Controller for the purpose of Processing Customer Data and (ii) include a link to the PayPal privacy statement available at in Merchant’s privacy policy.

In addition to the standard credit card information, there are other secure tokens associated with Apple Pay and Google Pay network transactions that are not transferrable between providers. For this reason, Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods are excluded from our exports.

Getting startedanchor

If you're coming to Braintree from another payment processor, see our Imports support article for details about the importing process. If you're leaving Braintree, see our Exports support article.

Once you're ready, contact us with any questions or to schedule your migration.