Server SDK Migration Guideanchor


This page is only relevant for:

  • PHP migrating from version 5.5.0 and below,
  • Python migrating from version 3.59.0 and below,
  • Java migrating from version 2.109.0 and below,
  • .NET migrating from version 4.18.0 and below,
  • Node migrating from version 2.24.0 and below,
  • Ruby migrating from version 3.4.0 and below.

You can skip this guide if you are starting a new integration using the latest version of an SDK.


Braintree makes regular updates to our server SDKs which follow semantic versioning guidelines. This page will guide you through the largest breaking changes that are specific to the language you are integrating with Braintree. Check the SDK's [CHANGELOG]( for more information on changes.

SDK major version 6anchor

PHP 8anchor

Previous versions of the Braintree PHP SDK supported PHP 7.2. Starting with version 6.0.0, the SDK supports PHP 7.3 and higher, including PHP 8.

Google Payanchor

Previous versions of the PHP SDK represented Google Pay cards as Android Pay cards to prevent breaking changes. In version 6.0.0, AndroidPayCard and AndroidPayCardDetails were renamed to GooglePayCard and GooglePayCardDetails. See the Google Pay Guide for more details.

SDK major version 5anchor

PHP 7anchor

Previous versions of the Braintree PHP SDK supported PHP 5. Starting with version 5.0.0, the SDK supports PHP 7.2 and higher.

PSR-4 namespacinganchor

Previous versions of the Braintree SDK supported class aliases with underscores, for instance Braintree_Gateway to support the PHP standard PSR-0. Version 5.0.0 and onward drop support for that standard because it is deprecated, in favor of PSR-4. This may require an update if you were previously using the underscore syntax to load Braintree modules.

If you were using underscores to load modules:

  1. PHP
$gateway = new Braintree_Gateway([
    'environment' => 'sandbox',
    'merchantId' => 'your_merchant_id',
    'publicKey' => 'your_public_key',
    'privateKey' => 'your_private_key'

You should replace those with backslashes:

  1. PHP
$gateway = new BraintreeGateway([
    'environment' => 'sandbox',
    'merchantId' => 'your_merchant_id',
    'publicKey' => 'your_public_key',
    'privateKey' => 'your_private_key'

If you were using the now unsupported class aliases, you might see errors like the following:

  1. PHP
PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'Braintree_Gateway' not found in /your/directory/YourFile.php


Down For Maintenance exceptions have been renamed to Service Unavailable exceptions, since we do not bring our services down to perform maintenance operations anymore.

We also added additional timeout exceptions to give extra clarity on the source (client request vs gateway response).

For more information, check our guide on Exceptions.

Further readinganchor