PayPal Developer Documentation

Access documentation for all payment solutions currently offered by PayPal.

Accept payments

Discover solutions for accepting payments, from simple copy-paste payment buttons to SDKs and services that allow you to build a fully customized payment experience.


Payment Buttons


PayPal makes it easy to accept payments on a website, whether on a mobile device, tablet, or PC. Just copy and paste a short HTML snippet on your website to add a payment button.


Braintree Direct

Mobile Web

Use the Drop-in UI of our client-side SDK to start accepting payments with just a snippet of code. The single point of configuration simplifies more complex integrations.


Express Checkout


Make it easier for buyers to pay with PayPal online across desktop and mobile sites. With Express Checkout, buyers can check out and pay without entering any billing or shipping information. The new Express Checkout integration includes the in-context experience and One Touch feature, making the checkout experience quick and easy. You can upgrade existing Express Checkout integrations to include the in-context experience with a simple JavaScript addition.


Payments REST API

Mobile Web

Take advantage of all PayPal benefits while enabling customers to pay with only a few clicks. Accept immediate payments, or authorize payments and capture them later. Customers can pay with PayPal and with credit cards in some countries.


Mobile SDK


Use the native libraries of the PayPal Mobile SDKs to build fast, responsive apps for single payments (PayPal and credit card) and future payments (PayPal only).


PayPal Payments Pro


Host your own checkout pages and send transactions to PayPal, or let PayPal host the checkout pages and manage security for sales and authorizations. Accept PayPal, PayPal credit, credit cards, and debit cards on web or mobile with PayPal Payments Pro or Payflow Gateway.


PayPal Here


Use the native libraries of the PayPal Here SDKs to develop mobile apps for processing in-store payments. With your mobile app, merchants can process payments using PayPal hardware and also credit-card swipers.

Manage invoicing

Create, send, and manage invoices using the PayPal Invoicing API. Get paid fast via PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. Verify the status of online invoice payments, send reminders, record offline payments, and more.


Invoicing API

Use the PayPal Invoicing API to create a custom, online billing solution that meets all your business needs.

Run a marketplace

Split payments between merchants and providers using the Braintree Marketplace.


Braintree Marketplace

Split payments two ways, between you and your providers, using Braintree Marketplace. Available for use with credit card payments for merchants in the United States, Marketplace is seamless, built for mobile first, provides easy on-boarding, 1099K management, and empowers you to construct a simple, elegant checkout experience on any platform.

Pay multiple recipients

Send money to hundreds of recipients simultaneously with the Payouts API or Mass Pay. These solutions enable marketplace payouts, distributed rebate payments online, and managed business payments.



Ensure you are able to take advantage of all future enhancements and capabilities by using the Payouts API for new integrations.


Mass Pay

Learn more about the features and capabilities available with Mass Pay if you have an existing integration.