Display funding source used

DocsCurrentLast updated: March 16th 2023, @ 11:23:55 am

If you have a confirmation page or notification in your checkout workflow, display the payment source the payer selected.

For example, if the payer paid with Venmo, show Venmo as the payment source on the confirmation page or notification.

Know before you code

This feature modifies an existing checkout integration integration and uses the following:

Show funding source

Use an onClick handler to get the funding source and display it on a confirmation page.

let fundingSource;

    onClick: (data) => {
        // fundingSource = "venmo"
        fundingSource = data.fundingSource;

        // Use this value to determine the funding source used to pay
        // Update your confirmation pages and notifications from PayPal to Venmo

The following table shows valid fundingSource values:

Funding sourceDescription
paypal.FUNDING.CARDCredit or debit cards
paypal.FUNDING.PAYLATERPay Later (US, UK), Pay in 4 (AU), 4X PayPal (France), Paga en 3 plazos (Spain), Paga in 3 rate (Italy), Sp├Ąter Bezahlen (Germany)
paypal.FUNDING.CREDITPayPal Credit