Customize the Checkout experience


Last updated: Feb 28th, 7:44pm

Extend your Checkout integration with these features. We recommend starting with showing a cancellation page and validating user input.


Feature Description
Authorize payment and capture funds later Change your checkout integration from a one-step payment solution to a two-step, authorize and capture later solution so you can complete business tasks, like verifying inventory, before finalizing the transaction.
Display funding source As a best practice, show your payer the funding source they used for their purchase.
Display PayPal buttons with other payment methods Provide a clean user interface when you present PayPal and other funding sources on your site.
Display PayPal messaging with buttons Render a message with your payment buttons.
Handle funding failures Action to take if a payer's funding source fails.
Handle errors Ensure errors returned are handled gracefully in the payer's experience.
Implement the Pay Now experience Determine whether or not your payer returns to your website to complete the checkout flow.
JavaScript frameworks This guide is for websites that use a library or framework, like React, Vue, or Angular.
Pay another account Complete payment on the PayPal review page for items that don't need shipping costs applied.
Pay Now experience Specify a different receiver when you create an order.
Reduce steps to pay Follow these best practices to give customers the fewest steps to pay.
Show a cancellation page Give payers clear confirmation when they cancel during the checkout flow.
Standalone payment buttons Render individual payment buttons for each supported payment method.
Support multiple shipping options Offer shipping options to your payer.
Update order details Adjust the order and transaction details during the checkout process.
Validate user input on your page Validate web forms before payers submit data for checkout.