PayPal PLUS enables you to offer PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit (ELV), and Pay upon Invoice as individual payment options on your Payment Selection Page (PSP) in a PayPal hosted iframe.

The buyer-selected payment method determines which of these pages appear to the buyer:

  • A PayPal login page
  • An input mask for bank or credit card details
  • A Pay upon Invoice details page

The redirect and the final payment are initiated from the iframe or later during checkout on the merchant side.

  • PayPal PLUS requires a vetting process and a fully verified PayPal merchant account. See Apply for PayPal PLUS (PayPal PLUS beantragen) to apply.
  • Pay upon Invoice may not be available for all merchants. To apply, see Pay upon Invoice at PayPal.
  • By default, PayPal PLUS is enabled for all German sandbox accounts.
  • Nothing in this guide shall be considered to constitute legal advice. Please contact your legal counsel in case of questions.


Integrate PayPal PLUS - Germany.