PayPal PLUS - Germany

PayPal PLUS - Germany Prerequisites

To process payments by using PayPal PLUS, you must apply and be approved for use. Once approved, create a PayPal sandbox account, an app, and get an access token for use with PayPal's REST services.

Apply for PayPal PLUS

PayPal PLUS requires a vetting process and a fully verified PayPal merchant account. See Apply for PayPal PLUS (PayPal PLUS beantragen) to apply.

Note: Pay upon Invoice might not be available for all merchants.

Get an access token

  1. Create a PayPal app. In response, PayPal generates a set of OAuth credentials.

  2. Pass the OAuth credentials in a get access token call. In response, the PayPal authorization server issues an access token that you must use for authentication when you make REST API calls.

Create sandbox accounts

To generate mock transactions to test your app, complete these steps twice. First, create a business account to represent the merchant in a transaction. Then, create a personal account to represent the customer in a transaction.

  1. From the Developer Portal, click Log into Dashboard and enter your PayPal business account email and password.

    Note: If you do not have a business account, click Sign Up.
  2. Under Sandbox, click Accounts. Then, click Create Account.

  3. In the dialog box, enter these required fields:

    Field Value
    Account Type Business (Merchant Account) or Personal (Buyer Account).
    Email Address A fake or valid email address. If you use a valid address, you receive email notifications when you run test transactions.
    Password A simple, easy-to-remember password, such as 12345678.
    PayPal Balance A high amount. For example, 5000.

    You can also enter optional fields.

  4. Click Create Account.

For more information, see Create a sandbox account.


Create a payment resource