PayPal REST API Release Notes 2013

Each set of release notes describes changes that apply to the release:

  • API updates. New, changed, and deleted resources, request parameters, and response fields.

  • New features. New dashboards and tools related to the PayPal REST APIs.

  • Functional updates. Functional updates to operations, including new code list values and validation rule changes.

  • Announcements. Announcements related to the PayPal REST API.

  • Doc updates. Documentation updates not mentioned in API updates, new features, functional updates, or announcements.

30 July 2013

API updates

API Update
Payments Added the new POST /v1/payments/authorization/id/reauthorize/ endpoint. To ensure that funds are still available, you can reauthorize a payment after the initial three-day honor period.

This API now supports additional currencies and countries for PayPal account payments and direct credit card payments.

Doc updates

Doc Update
Execute an approved PayPal payment Clarified that the transactions object uses only amount when used with the /execute call.

28 May 2013

API updates

API Update
Payments Added these new endpoints:
GET /v1/payments/authorization/auth_id
POST /v1/payments/authorization/auth_id/capture
POST /v1/payments/authorization/auth_id/void
GET /v1/payments/capture/capture_id
POST /v1/payments/capture/capture_id/refund

You can authorize payments to be captured later.
Vault Added the new DELETE /v1/vault/credit-card/credit-card-id endpoint. You can delete stored credit card.

When you store a credit card, you can now pass an optional payer_id parameter. This parameter distinguishes a credit card from others and helps to prevent potential misuse of the card. If you specify this parameter when you store the credit card, you must provide it when you use the credit card.

22 May 2013


Announcement Description
My Apps & Credentials Use this new dashboard to create and manage one or more REST API apps and capabilities.

15 May 2013

Doc updates

Doc Update
Common REST Payment API errors Added information about how to handle common Payment API errors, such as validation and authentication errors.

24 April 2013

API updates

API Update
Identity Added these new endpoints:
Identity Added the new tokeninfo, userinfo, address, and error common object definitions.
Payments Updated the cvv2 parameter.

New features

Feature Description
Log In with PayPal Added Identity resource URIs and resource models.
New Python and Node SDKs Released Python and Node SDKs to support the PayPal REST APIs. For the complete PayPal SDK offering, see PayPal REST SDKs. The API reference incorporates request samples from the SDKs.

Functional updates

Function Update
Data type update for cvv2 Updated the cvv2 field's data type from integer to string. The cvv2 field is in the CreditCard object used by payment resources. This update is backward compatible. If you pass a cvv2 value as an integer, PayPal processes it as a string. We recommend you update your integration to handle cvv2 values as strings only.

Additional release notes