PayPal REST API Release Notes 2018

Each set of release notes describes changes that apply to the release:

  • API updates. New, changed, and deleted resources, request parameters, and response fields.

  • New features. New dashboards and tools related to the PayPal REST APIs.

  • Functional updates. Functional updates to operations, including new code list values and validation rule changes.

  • Announcements. Announcements related to the PayPal REST API.

  • Doc updates. Documentation updates not mentioned in API updates, new features, functional updates, or announcements.

12 July 2018

26 June 2018

14 June 2018

31 May 2018

17 May 2018

  • Removed the PayPal for Marketplaces-specific webhooks page and redirected the removed page to the Webhooks page because the removed page duplicated information.
  • Enhanced the current information on Express Checkout shortcut and acceptance mark integrations in Add the PayPal Button and Best Practices Guide.
  • Updated the maximum number of payouts from 5000 to 15000 in the Payouts documentation.
  • To orient the reader, clarified the Express Checkout product name in Upgrade to checkout.js.
  • Corrected Integation to Integration in the INTEGRATION GUIDE entries in the left-hand navigation.
  • Added the minimum length values for various response fields in the Payments API Reference.
  • Updated INR currency in the Currency Codes table to reflect its new GA status.

03 May 2018

19 April 2018

05 April 2018

  • Removed the supported countries from the left-hand navigation of the PayPal Express Checkout Integration page and removed this note from Availability on that same page:

    Note: If you use Braintree, all currencies that are available for PayPal transactions are supported, but not all Express Checkout countries are supported.

  • Indicated that the 2. Pay an ordermethod is asynchronous, and documented how to determine whether an order is approved.
  • Updated Payments API reference with these changes:
    • Updated the count parameter with the maximum value, which is 20.
    • Enhanced the payment_method and credit_card_id parameter descriptions.
    • Removed the word encrypted from the merchant_id parameter description.
    • Added the application_context object.
    • Clarified that a valid value for the refund description, description, is a string of single-byte alphanumeric characters.

28 March 2018

22 March 2018

15 March 2018

23 February 2018

  • Updated the Billing Agreements API reference to:
    • Update Canceled to Cancelled in the state parameter description for various methods.
    • Document currency_code and recipient_name.
    • Indicate that the start date must be 24 hours from current date.
  • Updated Webhook event names with the new BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.EXPIRED webhook event.
  • Updated Using the PayPal Here SDK to add a customizations topic and code sample.
  • Updated the Payments API reference to:
    • Update the payer_info parameter.
    • Add the maximum lengths to the HTTP request headers.
    • Clarify the email property of the payee object.
    • Expand the incomplete descriptions for quantity and price.
  • Updated 2. Pay an orderto remove references to INSTANT for the disbursement_mode parameter.
  • Updated the PayPal Sync API reference and PayPal Sync API integration guide to:
    • Update the show transaction details call to list transactions. This call was incorrectly documented as show transaction details.
    • Clarify that it takes a maximum of three hours before transactions show up in a list transactions call.
    • Remove all references to the deprecated transaction_date query parameter.
    • Indicate that all query parameters are optional.
    • Clarify that the earliest start date for the list transactions call is July 2016.

15 February 2018

  • Updated list plans in the Billing Plans API reference to show these defaults:
    • Default for status is CREATED
    • Default for total_required is no
  • Added a note to the PayPal-Request-Id header description in HTTP Request Headers to note that not all APIs support this header.
  • Updated create order in the Orders API reference to remove the incorrect status, create_time, update_time, and links request parameters.
  • Published the OpenAPI-based Webhooks API reference. Also updated Webhooks and Webhook event names.

08 February 2018

  • Clarified the use of multi-part form and JSON upload on the Customer Disputes API provide evidence page.
  • Corrected the comment lines from // to # in the Python sample on the complete the payment and get the authorization ID page in the REST API SDK Quickstart.
  • Removed the Prefer request header from the disburse funds code sample.

01 February 2018

25 January 2018

18 January 2018

  • To add header information to and correct the syntax of cURL samples, updated refund payment in the PayPal For Marketplaces Orders Integration Guide.

  • Updated Customer Disputes API reference to address these issues:

    Additionally, added information about dispute reason codes.

11 January 2018

04 January 2018

Additional release notes