How would you like to integrate with PayPal?

Accept PayPal Payments

Add a payment button by pasting a short HTML snippet into your payment page.

Use PayPal’s Express Checkout with One Touch™, which is now automatically included on all eligible transactions. Additionally, Express Checkout’s new simplified and secure in-context checkout experience is optimized for all platforms, mobile, tablet, PC and Mac.

Already using Express Checkout or PayPal buttons? Jump directly to the integration guides or API references.

Accept Direct Credit Card Payments

Developers can control the buyer’s checkout experience using our APIs to process direct credit or debit card payments.

Use the Braintree SDK to accept direct credit card payments and PayPal payments, or use PayPal Payments Pro.

Already using Website Payments Pro, PayPal Payments Pro or the Payflow Gateway? Jump directly to the integration guides, API references or release notes.

Shopping Carts

Set up third-party permissions for the shopping cart provider.

Refer to the instructions provided by the shopping card provider. No shopping cart specific instructions are available on this site. However, you may need to refer to the PayPal API error codes reference page, in the case of transaction errors.

Advanced Payment Tools

Add a financing banner to add splash to your pages and boost your sales.

Crowdfunding? Use the Adaptive Payments API to accept chained PayPal payments.

Send invoices via the Invoicing API.

Dispurse funds to people in one transaction using the Mass Payments API.

Manage orders using PayPal's notification service.

Retrieve transaction details using PayPal's APIs or utilize the reporting tools.

In-Store Payments

Add card-reader support to your iOS & Android apps, and make card-present payment processing a snap using the PayPal Here SDKs.

Integrate on iOS or Android now.

Mobile Apps

PayPal's checkout experiences all support Mobile websites. You can also add payment support to your mobile app with a PayPal mobile SDK. Each is 100% native and makes it easy to add the payment logic you need.

Integrate on iOS or Android now.