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DocsCurrentLast updated: June 29th 2021, @ 7:04:58 am

Now that you can accept payments, check out PayPal’s options to customize your integration.

Authorize payment and capture funds later

Change your checkout integration from a one-step payment solution to a two-step, authorize and capture later solution so you can complete business tasks, like verifying inventory, before finalizing the transaction.

Buyer experience

Implement this collection of capabilities to provide a unique buyer experience. We recommend starting with providing a cancellation page and validating user input.

Capability What you get
Display PayPal buttons with other payment methods Provide a clean user interface when you present PayPal and other funding sources on your site.
Show a cancellation page Give buyers clear confirmation when they cancel during the checkout flow.
Validate user input on your page Validate web forms before buyers submit data for checkout.
Update order details Adjust the order and transaction details during the checkout process.
Handle errors Ensure errors returned are handled gracefully in the buyer's experience.
Handle funding failures Action to take if a buyer's funding source fails.
Implement the Pay Now experience Determine whether or not your buyer returns to your website to complete the checkout flow.