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PayPal Credit is a revolving line of credit that your buyers can use to buy now and pay over time. You can display credit messages on your website to promote special financing offers, which help increase sales.

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Know before you code

  • Complete the steps in Get started to get the following sandbox account information from the Developer Dashboard:

    • Your sandbox client ID
    • Your sandbox account login information
    • Your access token
  • This procedure modifies an existing standard or advanced payment integration.
  • You are eligible to promote PayPal Credit if you are a US-based PayPal merchant and have a one-time payment integration. Merchants with reference transaction or recurring payment integrations only are not eligible.
  • PayPal Credit follows the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. This governs the usage of PayPal and prohibits the use of PayPal or PayPal Credit for certain types of transactions, such as real money gaming and firearms.

How it works

The message content depends on the available PayPal Credit products you offer to your customers and the value that data-pp-amount passes into the PayPal JavaScript SDK messages component.

If you set up your website to offer Easy Payments financing to your customers, the message content is for Easy Payments offers only. By including data-pp-amount, you can display monthly payment messaging if the amount qualifies for your Easy Payments offers.

Note: Contact your account representative to determine if your business is eligible for Easy Payments.

By default, all merchants are configured for the six month special financing offer, which is the default content for PayPal Credit messaging.

Easy Payments example:

Credit messaging text primary left white

Six Months Special Financing example:

Credit messaging text primary left white

Step 1: Determine where to place your messages

Here are some tips to place messages on your website.

You can place messages on any page on your site with as many messages as you like. Place messages throughout your site and place financing offers early in the shopping experience.

When customers arrive: Place prominent messages high on your homepage and category pages to show customers financing options are available, making it more likely for them to consider larger purchases.

Easy Payments image

When customers are shopping: Reinforcing financing options with more subtle messages on product pages helps remind customers of PayPal Credit’s unique "No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99+" at the point of a purchase decision. Or remind customers they can pay for their purchase in monthly payments if you offer PayPal Credit's Easy Payments.

Easy Payments image

When customers check out: Place subtle messaging near the PayPal or PayPal Credit button on your checkout pages and shopping cart pages to reinforce to shoppers that they can use financing through either option.

Shopping cart image

Step 2: Modify your script

Modify the PayPal JavaScript SDK script that you set up in Set up standard payments to include components=messages.

<script src=""></script>

Step 3: Render the credit messages

Specify where and how to render messaging and PayPal determines which credit messages displays on your website, based on your input.

Tip: To maximize effectiveness, add credit messages early in the consumer's shopping experience. Add the messages to your product and cart pages near the product or cart price. See the style guide to learn how to place and customize credit messages.

Render messages

The PayPal JavaScript SDK script automatically scans the webpage for HTML elements with data-pp-message attributes and places messaging inside any matching HTML element.

<div data-pp-message data-pp-placement="product" data-pp-amount="500.00"></div>

This example renders a message on your website that's similar to the following image.

Credit messaging text primary left black

When to update data-pp-amount

  • If your website offers installment-based products such as Easy Payments, update the data-pp-amount attribute for each product price or cart amount. Your website uses this attribute to calculate the financing terms of a specific amount. If you omit this attribute, the message won't display the monthly payment. If you don't offer any installment-based financing products, your website ignores the attribute.
  • If your website updates the price on the client-side using either JavaScript or other client-side methods, you can refresh your PayPal message by updating the value of data-pp-amount. The JavaScript SDK monitors for any changes to the value of data-pp-amount and renders any updated messages with the new payment information.

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