Supported alternative payment methods

DocsCurrentLast updated: October 18th 2021, @ 3:21:59 pm

The following table describes which alternative payment methods (APMs) are supported in which countries.


The cart currency needs to be in the supported currency for the APM to render. Unless otherwise noted, the buyer countries use PayPal-supported currency codes.

APMBuyer countryCustomer transaction limit
BancontactBelgiumMinimum: 1 EUR
BLIKPolandMinimum: 1 PLN
epsAustriaMinimum: 1 EUR
giropayGermanyMinimum: 1 EUR
iDEALThe Netherlandsn/a

Minimum: 1 PLN

Maximum: 55,000 PLN

SOFORT (Legacy) *Austria
The Netherlands
United Kingdom (GB only)

Minimum: 1 EUR

United Kingdom: minimum 1 GBP

* Important: The SOFORT payment method will be deprecated by the end of September 2024. New integrations can't accept SOFORT payments as of October 20th, 2023.

Note: APMs are not available to merchants in Brazil, Japan, and Russia. Not all APMs are available for merchants who sell specific prohibited goods and services.

Currently, there is no support for cross-border shipping. Buyers receive a message that the shipping address is invalid when attempting to ship to a country where the APM isn't relevant.

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