Generate reports

DocsCurrentLast updated: June 25th 2021, @ 6:03:40 am

PayPal reports help you manage day-to-day operations by providing transaction-level insight.

To begin, create a secure FTP user account on the PayPal site.

You can use the following reports with the PayPal Commerce Platform:

  • Decline Analysis Report. Shows details of all card processor declines that happened during a reporting timeframe. You can use this data to analyze reasons for processor declines and to take corrective action as required.
  • Financial Detail Report. Shows a detailed view of the activity on a partner's financial account.
  • Financial Summary Report. Shows a summary of the activity on a partner's financial accounts.
  • Marketplace Case Reconciliation report. Shows details for case management processes, including details for cases that were opened or closed during the reporting time frame.
  • Payouts Reconciliation report. Shows details for platform activity. Enables you to reconcile the end-to-end money flow and transactions.

Tip: Try the Reports demo.

About the reports

All Partner reports adhere to the following limitations or conditions:

  • Timing. Reports are generated every 24 hours and placed on the SFTP server by 12pm daily in the leading time zone of the reporting window.
  • Data format. Reports are available in CSV delimited format.
  • Character encoding. UTF-8.
  • Retention. Reports are available via the SFTP server for 45 days after its delivery to the server.
  • File record limit. A report file has a 10k file size limit. If a day's transactions exceed this file size limit, PayPal splits the report across multiple files.