Payflow Gateway Tokenization

Tokenization services offered by card brands and issuers generate a token or a unique card account number that can be substituted for the card holder's actual card number to be used for an online or mobile payment transactions. The token is restricted in its expiry date, how it can be used with specific devices, merchants, transaction types or under other conditions. For example, the token may expire in one or two months from its issue date and may only be valid for a particular merchant.

American Express Tokenization

The American Express processor is now participating in the industry standard for payment tokenization. You can send the following tokenization fields to Payflow. Payflow passes this tokenization information to the American Express processor and does not save token data sent by the merchant in any form.

IsSmartDeviceIdentifies whether this transaction is coming from a smart device, such as a smart phone. If this value is true (Y), Payflow expects the AmexToken parameter. Possible values are Y or N.
Character Length and Limitations: 1 alphanumeric character.
AmexTokenToken value for this tokenization transaction.
Character Length and Limitations: 80 alphanumeric characters.