Payment Methods

Samsung Payanchor

Samsung Pay allows customers to make secure purchases using a payment method associated with a supported Samsung mobile device. Businesses can accept Samsung Pay on newer versions of Android, making it quick and easy for customers to buy.

Behind the scenes, Samsung uses a tokenization service and encrypts the customer's payment information, assigning it a device-specific identifier called a DPAN. Braintree and the processing banks then use this DPAN in place of the real card number in order to securely handle transactions.


Where your business is domiciled dictates your ability to accept Samsung Pay. Most merchants located in the US – contingent on their processing settings – can accept Samsung Pay transactions from eligible customers. If you are unsure of your setup, contact us for assistance.


All merchants processing Samsung Pay transactions are subject to Samsung's terms of service.

Customer availabilityanchor

Samsung Pay accepts credit and debit cards issued by select US banks. Customers whose cards were issued by a supported bank can use the following card types:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Samsung devicesanchor

Customers with select Samsung devices can use Samsung Pay.

Samsung accountsanchor

Samsung Pay is available for all customers worldwide to make purchases using supported cards saved to their Samsung accounts.


Samsung Pay transactions process and settle just like credit card transactions, but can be identified in the Control Panel by their unique payment type logo.


There are no additional standard fees for processing Samsung Pay transactions – pricing for Samsung Pay is the same as your other credit card transactions.


Chargebacks, retrievals, and pre-arbitrations on Samsung Pay transactions behave in the same way as your credit card disputes, and should be responded to according to your merchant account setup. If you’re unsure how to handle a dispute, Contact us for assistance.

Fraud toolsanchor

Samsung uses a tokenization system to encrypt card information and reduce the risk of fraud. As a result, our Basic Fraud Tools are not compatible with Samsung Pay. We do still recommend collecting and passing billing address information, at miniumum billing postal code, and passing that billing postal code with all Samsung Pay transactions as a best practice.

Samsung Pay transactions are compatible with our Premium Fraud Management Tools.

Recurring billing and vaultinganchor

Because each unique Samsung Pay transaction requires consent from the customer during the checkout flow, vaulting the payment method for future transactions will result in declines and is not recommended. However, Samsung Pay cards can be used for recurring billing and split shipment transactions because the customer consents to future transactions during checkout.


Full integration instructions are available in our developer docs.