Recurring Billing

Add-ons and Discountsanchor

You can use add-ons to charge customers for additional features or services on top of the normal subscription price. Discounts are used to reduce the price of a subscription as part of a promotion or price break. Both of these options modify a subscription price for a specific customer without having to change the price of the base plan.

Add-ons and discounts can be applied manually on a case-by-case basis, or you can associate them with certain plans to apply them automatically to new subscriptions. For instance, if you’re running a promotion for $10 off a 6-month subscription, then you can associate a $10 discount with your 6-month plan for as long as the promotion is available.

Creating an add-on or discountanchor


You must create and delete add-ons and discounts from the Control Panel. Via the API, you can only view existing add-ons and discounts and add them to a subscription (either as-is or with modifications).

Before you can associate an add-on or discount with an individual subscription or a plan, you must create it via the Control Panel.

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Click on Subscriptions in the navigation bar
  3. Click the Add Ons/Discounts tab
  4. Click either the Create An Add-On or Create A Discount button
  5. Fill in any required or optional details
  6. Click the Create button

When creating an add-on or discount, keep these things in mind:

  • You can override the following details for an add-on or discount when creating a new subscription or applying it to an existing subscription:
    • number of billing cycles
    • amount
    • quantity
  • An add-on or discount can't be deleted from the Control Panel if it is associated with a subscription