Pay Later messaging

Last updated: August 9th 2021, @ 12:46:40 pm

Pay Later messaging helps you get the most out of PayPal’s buy now, pay later offers. You can use this onsite messaging to promote Pay Later offers dynamically, which can help grow your sales, attract new customers, and drive customer loyalty.

Messaging for UK-based merchants

Pay Later messaging includes the following pay later offer, which is available to UK customers only:

  • Pay Later messaging includes Pay in 3, which UK buyers can use to pay for purchases in three, interest-free payments of £30 to £2,000.

Buy now, pay later example

Buy now pay later qualifying purchases

UK Eligibility

UK-based consumers are eligible for Pay Later offers across most of our integrations. As a merchant, you’re eligible to promote Pay in 3 if you are a UK-based PayPal merchant, with a UK-legal business entity, with a UK-facing website, and a one-time payment integration. At this time, promoting Pay Later offers is not available on PayPal vaulted payments or billing agreement integrations.

Please note that while messaging can be displayed on your website to help promote Pay Later offers to your customers, no additional content, wording, marketing, or other material should be created by you to encourage use of this product. PayPal reserves the right to take action in accordance with the User Agreement.