Integration Features


This guide assumes you have completed a basic Smart Payment Buttons integration. These features are all upgrades for that basic integration. After you add a new feature, you can test it on your site then go live.

Essential Smart Payment Buttons features

Use these features to ensure your integration has the optimal buyer experience and increased conversion.

Goal Steps
Listen for shipping changes and update the cart Follow the Shipping Changes guide to listen for changes to the buyer's shipping address, then update costs accordingly.
Configure a webhook listener for Alternative Payment Methods Follow the Alternative Payment Methods guide. For better conversion rates, listen to the CHECKOUT.ORDER.APPROVED webhook and then capture the order.
Handle funding failures Follow the Funding failures guide to allow your buyer to choose a different funding source if their chosen method fails.
Show a cancellation page Follow the Cancellation page guide to show a cancellation page to the buyer if they decide to cancel the transaction.
Handle errors Follow the Handle errors guide to handle errors from the checkout experience and show an error message to the buyer.
Optimize Standard Card Fields Follow the Standard Card Fields guide to optimize the credit card fields of Smart Payment Buttons.

Additional Smart Payment Buttons features

Use these features to enhance and customize your integration.

Goal Steps
Customize the look and feel of the buttons Follow the Style the buttons guide to change the button layout, color, label, shape, or size.
Display standalone buttons Follow the Standalone buttons guide to display individual buttons and marks.
Create an authorization, and capture funds later Follow the Authorize and Capture guide to authorize the payment immediately, then capture the payment at a later time.
Refund a transaction Follow the Refunds guide to call PayPal to refund any transactions that have already been captured.
Send funds to another account Follow the Send Money to another account guide to direct any funds to a different PayPal account.
Listen for transaction events on your server Follow the Add Webhooks guide to listen for events on your server from transactions as they are created and captured.
Search for completed transactions Follow the Search Transactions guide to search for completed transactions from your buyers.
Handle disputes Follow the Handle Disputes guide to handle buyer disputes.
Show PayPal when the buyer selects a radio button Follow the Radio buttons guide to show the Smart Payment Buttons to the buyer when they select a radio button on your site.
Validate on button click Follow the Validation guide to validate user inputs on button clicks.
Show a confirmation page Follow the Confirmation page guide to show a confirmation page to the buyer before capturing the funds from a transaction.
Update a transaction Follow the Update order details guide to update a transaction after it has been set up.